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So, as you have probably seen on Instagram we are expecting a baby!  
We are due late march, so yes this is a late announcement.  Pregnancy is often a bit of a scary place for us, so it can sometimes be hard to share something so big too soon. But no matter the time frame we couldn't be happier.
I have a lot of thoughts and emotions when it comes to pregnancy and family planning.  So leave now with our happy announcement or continue reading for my emotional roller coaster ramblings.  This is a hard topic for me to want to talk about and it's an area of my life that has been my biggest struggle and I am still coming to terms with, because I never thought it would be as stressful or heartbreaking at times.  I also never knew how much joy and beauty it would bring to my life.  Pregnancy is supposed to be the time when you worry about your baby the least.  It s the time when everything is exciting, and uncomfortable, you are just excited to see what baby looks like, to cuddle that…

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